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Ryan + Frankie (Highlights)

Congratulations to Ryan + Frankie, the now famous dancing couple, who celebrated their wedding at the scenic Como House, as well as the Terrace at the Botanical Gardens. Whilst the wedding dance will go down as one of the most memorable ever, and has gained media coverage around the world and continues to rack up hits, it was only a small portion of an otherwise memorable day.

The music in this highlight video was selected by Frankie.

These Melbourne Videographers had a great time shooting the wedding and hope that the highlights capture the joyful nature of the day!

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Wedding Dance goes world wide!

What happens when you hire a 3 camera wedding shoot (with Life in Light) for your Melbourne Wedding, and throw in several weeks of Dance lessons?

The video of the dance goes viral. Better yet, what happens when the couple in the video - in this case Ryan and Frankie Van Hoorn - are out of the country?

The videographer is flooded with phone calls from various media outlets! Long story short, the video of Ryan and Frankie’s first dance was featured on the front page of Ninemsn, Herald Sun, Daily Mail (UK), as well as various other publications online. The story has received air time on Channel 7, Channel 9 and Channel 10, and featured again this morning on Channel 9’s “Today”. I’ve had contact from Magazines (who shall remain nameless), and Good Morning America on ABC (US). I did an interview for Channels 9 & 10 yesterday at Whitepoint Photography’s studio in Fitzroy North (see image above - courtesy of Sarah Joseph).

Well done Ryan & Frankie! No doubt this is only the beginning for the couple who will continue to generate media interest!

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The Evolving Wedding Videographer

Welcome to what will hopefully become an informative and regular blog, and a useful source for the Bride & Groom considering Wedding Video!

The wedding videographer has come a long way since the days of the mullet, padded shoulders and rolled up jacket sleeves. Bring back any of those fashion statements, but please leave the 80’s wedding videographer in the 80’s.

Whilst styles and quality vary across the industry in Melbourne, the standard of production has spiked for those who have evolved, and left a larger gap between those who have not. No doubt that currently there is great variety available to couples looking for a “wedding film”. It’s a win-win situation for the well informed Bride & Groom.

So what has changed in recent years?

Read more …

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The Wedding Photographers Melbourne

Life in Light Cinema is proud to be listed on The Wedding Photographers Melbourne as a Videography vendor. Check out the website, for a unique, refreshing, informative take on Weddings, and all your Wedding needs and advice! Your Melbourne Wedding Photographer, the guy behind the lens, is the one paying attention to all the little details that make up your day, to his surroundings, he understands light, he understands what looks good, he knows where the good locations are, and over the years he has come to understand the industry - so why not utilise this unique source!? 

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Best first dance I have seen… goes viral?

A couple of days ago I posted the first dance we shot at the recent wedding of Ryan and Frankie Van Horn. Frankie has shared the video with a few of her friends and family, and from there the video has been posted in various places, and reached 25,000+ hits in two days! Did not expect that at all! :)

All credit to Ryan and Frankie, it was an incredible first dance!

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Something a little different - Echo Nites…

I recently had an opportunity to film something a little different - in conjunction with my good friends at Echo Nites ( who run Melbourne’s premier Balkan event at some of Melbourne’s finest venues.

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Chris + Karishma (Highlights)

Congratulations to Chris and Karishma, who celebrated over two days, with a Hindu Ceremony on day one and a Church service on day two. It was an eventful, colourful couple of days, and despite what they may have been feeling, Chris and Karishma were cool calm and collected every step of the way.

It was evident that the couple are surrounded by loving family and friends and it was a pleasure to be part of it all and capture it. Sunday (day two) was capped off at a brilliant venue, hosted by the Atlantic Group (Shed 9), lots of lighting and space for a Videographer to roam and do their thing, easily my favourite reception venue to date! 

David & Carmen from Whitepoint Photography were a pleasure to work with! 

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